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GAME started 1. March 2011.
This project is funded by the
Research Council of Norway under the program

NORKLIMA. It is lead by NILU and Cicero is a partner.

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Methane is a main atmospheric compound with abundances determined by natural and man made emissions. It is the second most important anthropogenic climate gas, affecting atmospheric oxidation and air quality and a main component in the carbon cycle. Processes determining its distribution and changes are connected with significant uncertainties. As a result of the uncertainties related to future emissions and changes in the oxidation process methane limits the accuracy of climate change predictions.

The overall objective of this project is to explain the recent increase in atmospheric methane and quantify the effect of realistic future development of atmospheric methane levels.
 The Figure shows the recent increase in methane at the Zeppelin Observatory close to Ny-Ålesund at Svalbard.

Oslo CTM2 will be used to simulate and assess the effects of emissions changes. Radiative forcing calculations utilising the results from the CTM simulations and observations will be performed to predict and quantify the effects of changing methane levels on Earth's radiative balance. Also scenarios of extreme global warming and associated large emissions from Arctic reservoir sources will be investigated. As a result, the project will contribute to increased knowledge of the carbon cycle by assessing methane sources as permafrost, wetland, biomass burning, ocean and agricultural emissions. Furthermore the project is expected to provide new knowledge of methane as a potential strong biogeochemical climate feedback mechanism and by this reduce the uncertainty in future climate predictions.

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